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For the circular economy

Lost goods are part of the circular economy

"Finns lose millions of euros worth of goods every year. But most of the lost goods are not returned to their owners." This creates a huge amount of unnecessary purchases and puts a strain on the climate. 

But why lost & found items are not retrieved?

Old ways of working! Earlier there has been no better way to act. Items are stored hidden under counters or taken to lost property offices. The accounting obligations required by law for lost property (Section 6§ ) may also not be fulfilled. 

Lack of customer information! Tracing lost goods is a very difficult process for the customer. In most cases, the customer does not know exactly where the goods have been lost. Finding this single lost item would require undercover police work from the Customer. At this point, the Customer most often don't even try to find the lost item. 

Attitudes! Found items are often treated with contempt by companies, even though that single found item may be very important to your Customer. It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100 items left in your premises per month, every item you find is important and worth reporting. 

Lost and found offices! These allow you to move the goods to another location for storage, but your customer will have to pay for each survey, without knowing if the goods are there. With our service, your customers will receive this information free of charge, even if you take the goods to a lost property office. 

Why the Smart City app for your locations?

Customer service! When you record all lost & found property to our  system, your customers will see in real time what has been found and where the item can be redeemed.

Modern! Nowadays, customers prefer to do business online. The service brings your company's lost & found property handling to the 2020s

Accounting! You will receive electronic records that meet the requirement of section 6§ of the Record of Obligation to found property. .

Efficiency! The app is really easy and fast to use. You just tell what you found. Your company profile information will be notified automatically. Staff time is freed up when customers can operate independently through our service. 

Visibility! Each ad is also an ad featuring your company logo. Every month, thousands of people visit our site looking for their lost property. 

Cost effective! Affordable monthly fee per location. Ask for a quote.

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Satisfied Customers

I found my lost gloves through your service. It was easy to use. Thank you!  

Juha S


Wow! It is great that this side is also being developed. We hope you get more players in your service.

Mari T


The ring was found :)
I thought it would never be found. It's great that Finns are honest.

Mervi K